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Name: Heatz Power Plug (Zc603)

Model: ZC603

Product type: Power socket

Brand: Heatz

Fast charging

6USB |3 Socket

Auto – MAX 3.1A

Rated power: 3000W

Cable Length: 2000mm

Fast Blocking high voltage

Electronic micro switch

Max 3.1A Auto USB Charging

Bipolar drive safety protection valve

Overload protection

Zinc Oxinde varistor (MOV): Fast blocking high voltage

Ceramic gas discharge tube (GDT): Effective isolation of strong current can effectively absorb excess current and connect the current to the ground wire, so as to solve the hidden trouble of high current.

High temperature fuse protector

Strict quality, exquisite details, the necessary digitalfor modern home trip.

Fire safety materials. Strict examination and certification, high product quality, intelligent matching current, intelligent charge, free of blind plug, every mouth is the fastest. Sonic speed USB Charging, Highefficiency safe and reliable.

It is compatible with all branded phones (iOS device) and Android devices and various digital devices.


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